Queen of nails pink nail art kit

Hello and welcome to my blog,

Today I have a review of one of queen of nails new nail art kits! I was kindly sent the pink kit to review and I love it.

Here is a picture of the kit all together

The kit contains:

  • Pink glitter strands
  • Glitter dots
  • Pink rhombus glitter
  • Pink mylar glitter
  • 2 Polka dot bows
  • Pink nail netting
  • Pink glitter foil
  • Pink blossom water decal wraps

With the kit I created 4 different looks which I have to show to you today

The first look was created using the water decals. This was my first time using water decals and I found them really easy to use, all you have to do is cut the decal to the shape you want, remove the clear cover and submerge it in a glass of water for a few seconds, take it out and remove the picture from the backing. It is then ready to apply to the nail.

The second look I created using the glitter foil. This is my favourite look of all of them. Again this was my first time using foils and I was surprised how easy it was to do. All I did was apply the base colour, allowed it to dry then applied a layer of base coat onto the nails that I wanted foil on, once the basecoat was tacky I scratched sections of the foil onto areas of my nails that I wanted and it was that easy.

The third look was created by using the glitter dots, I used a dotting tool to place glitter pieces on my nails and it is as easy as that.

The third and final look was created by used the netting. Again something I has never used before. To use this I stretched some of the net on my nail art mat and held it down with tape, I then sponged polish over it to create a decal on the mat which I then applied to my nail.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and have learnt how to use some of these items. Overall I really enjoyed using this kit. It has so many different options and you can create so many different designs with it.

You can buy this kit and other kits from http://Queenofnails.co.uk and remember to use the code qonuk-h7gafq for 10% off

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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OPI ‘Grease is the word’

Today I have a long over due post about one of the polishes from the OPI grease collection called “Grease is the word”

I was kindly sent this polish by Queen of nails, make sure to check them out, links will be at the end of this post.

What makes this polish special is the fact it is leather effect. This is the first leather effect polish I’ve tried and I really like how it looks.

  I think a leather effect polish is perfect for a grease collection and the colours available are perfect too: Black, white and pink.

Overall I really like the leather effect, it took 2 coats and applies like a crème so its very easy to apply. It also dries fast which is great as with the leather effect you can’t use a topcoat.

You can buy the grease collection from Queen of nails through their website http://queenofnails.co.uk

Use my code qonuk-h7gafq for 10% off anything on their site.

You can also follow them on Instagram @queenofnailscouk

Thank you for reading

Zoe x

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Elune by Emily swatches

Welcome to my blog,

I wrote this post a few months ago but have only just got around to publishing it!

I thought I would write a post about the Elune by Emily polishes that I purchased last month. I was lucky enough to be able to swatch some of the gorgeous polishes before the launch and I was so impressed I bought some more! Click here to see the other polishes I swatched.

I bought 3 polishes and I’m really impressed with all of them, the shipping was really fast and they all came beautifully packaged.

Onto the swatches…


This is a gorgeous nude with subtle gold glitter. This is the perfect nude for my skin tone.


This is a purple with blue flakes and it is so unique as I have nothing like this in my collection. Vashj

Last but not least is Vashj which is a beautiful turquoise polish with subtle holo running throughout. This is the perfect mermaid polish!


I think my favourite overall is Cirilla as it is the perfect shade of nude for me however I do love them all.

You can buy Elune polishes from their website http://elunebyemily.com

Thank you for reading this post

Zoe x

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‘Ard as nails “Autumn leaves”

Today on my blog I have a swatch of an ‘ard as nails polish called “autumn leaves”.

I was kindly sent this polish by Queen of nails who are now a stockist of ‘ard as nails! Stick around till the end of this post to find out a discount code for 10% off all of queen of nails store.

Onto the swatch and review

This is such a stunning and unique colour. It’s difficult to describe but I would say it is almost a caramel colour. It has an amazing, smooth formula which levels out easily and requires 2 coats to be opaque.

This polish and lots of other ‘ard as nails polishes are available at http://www.Queenofnails.co.uk

All their ‘ard as nails polishes have free delivery and you can use my code: qonuk-h7gafq for 10% off all polishes on their website.

(I do not get a commission for the use of this code)

Also make sure to check out Queen of nails on Instagram

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you all have a great week.

Zoe x

Find me on Instagram : @myrealnails

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OPI “Tell me about it stud”

Welcome to my blog,

Today I have a post about an OPI polish called “Tell me about it stud”

This polish was kindly sent to me by Queen of nails, I will leave their social media and website at the bottom of this post.

This polish is from the OPI grease collection which has polishes based on quotes from the film grease. I love the film so I was really excited when I heard OPI were bring out a collection based on it.

Onto the swatch and review;

I am a massive fan of red nail polish and this is possibly my favourite red polish ever. It has a great formula as all OPI polishes do and took 2 coats for me but for shorter nails you could probably get away with 1 coat. It is a gorgeous dark red crème which is such a classic- just like the film.

Thanks again to Queen of nails for sending me this stunning polish

You can find of queen of nails:

On their Website 

On their Instagram

Thank you for reading

Zoe x

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OPI- “Polly want a lacquer?”

Welcome back to my blog,

Today I have a post about a polish sent to me by the lovely people at Queen of nails. This polish is an OPI polish from their infinite shine 2 range, I have tried OPI before but I’ve never tried any polishes from this line so I was really excited to try it out.

Polly Want a Lacquer?

This is a gorgeous lilac creme polish which has an amazing formula. It takes 2 coats to be opaque and this swatch shows it with 2 coats plus a layer of topcoat.

I’m very impressed with the infinite shine range from what I have experienced as it applies well and stays on without chipping.

Make sure to check out Queen of nails website to shop for OPI infinite shine (and many other brands)

Also check out their Instagram

Thank you for reading

Zoe x

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Elune- swatches and review

Welcome to my blog, hope you’re having a good Easter weekend.

Today I have swatches and a review of a new indie brand called Elune launching on 9th April. I was kindly sent these 2 gorgeous polishes by the lovely Emily who is the creator of Elune and is also @nailmeright on Instagram.

So lets get to the swatches.


This is a stunning purple holographic jelly which is opaque in 3 coats. It has a great formula and looks good in all lighting, not just direct sunlight. The swatches below show 3 coats and a coat of topcoat.


This is a gorgeous metallic green with gold flakies. This polish is so unique and is like nothing else I’ve got in my collection. If you like green polish, you will love this! This is 2 coats plus top coat.

I am so impressed by these polishes and I will be picking up some more Elune polishes when they’re launched.

As I said at the start of this post, Elune is launching on the 9th of April and you will be able to buy them from www.elunebyemily.com/

To see swatches of the other polishes that Emily has created check out her Instagram page @elunebyemily and make sure to give her a follow to keep up to date with announcements.

Thank you for reading.

Zoe x

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Project polish 2018 intro

Hello and welcome to my blog,

This year I have decided to attempt a project polish. If you don’t know what project polish is it basically picking polishes that you want to try and use up in the year. The main reason I’ve chosen to use up these polishes is that I have very similar polishes to these and therefore don’t need them in my collection. It is also a way of decluttering my collection to make room for new ones.

I have been a bit ambitious for my first ever project polish but I thought I would have a variety of colours to encourage myself to use them more. I have chosen 10 polishes and below I will put a picture of the polishes followed by a picture with the lines that show the level of the polish in the bottle.

So from left to right the polishes I have included are:

Princess nail lacquer- “Destiny”, Rimmel- “Loosey Goosey dancing”, Rimmel- “One last tango”, Maybelline- “Sea sky”, Sally Hansen- “Commander in chic”, Tanya Burr “Mischief managed”, Barry M “Cancun”, Nails Inc. “Notting hill gate”, OPI “Never have too mani friends” and  OPI “5 apples tall”

I will see how it goes and maybe do a 6 month update if I have made a lot of progress on using these up if not I will try and do an update at the end of the year.

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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Top 12 nail polishes of 2017

As I am writing this it is the last day of 2017 I thought I would write a post about my top 12 nail polishes that I wore in 2017. I tried lots of new brands this year so picking my favourites has been very hard.

In no particular order here are the polishes.

Cienna rose “blue me away”

One of my favourites from this year is blue me away by Cienna rose, its a gorgeous bluey- green polish and I loved wearing it. You can see my review by clicking here.

OPI “let’s be friends!”

Another favourite of mine this year is let’s be friends by OPI. This is a gorgeous pale pink polish which I bought at the end of 2016.

Primark purple

This purple is from the primark neon trio which I did a post about (click here to read it) This was my favourite polish from the trio and is one of my favourite purples.Zoya “elfie”

This was my first Zoya polish and I was so impressed. I really like textured polishes and I just loved the colour! I got so many complements while wearing this.China Glaze “I just canterlot”

This is another new brand to me and I’m already a massive fan. This is holographic polish which is holographic even when it isn’t under a bright light. Primark “energy”

I wore this polish on my birthday and loved it. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails and it was such a bargain at £2!Grace polish “Flipping your fins”

This is one of the shiniest polishes I own! It is so shiny without  top coat and it is also a stunning colour. You can see my review of this polish here.Coze “azure”

This is another new brand to me as I believe they only launched this year. This is a stunning blue glitter.Princess nail lacquer “rose”

After hearing so much about this polish I decided to try it out and I was really impressed.Polished by Leanne “English rose”

This is now my favourite nude polish!

Barry m “you drive me navy”

This one I had worn a few times before 2017 but it is one of my favourite blue polishes ever so it had to make it to my 2017 favourites.A England “crown of thistles”

Another purple but this year I started loving purple polishes a lot more than I did before and this one is stunning.

As you can tell my favourite colours to wear are purples, greens and blues as most of these polishes are!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and have a great new year!

Zoe x

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Cienna Rose- swatches and review (new brand)

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

I was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous polishes to review by the lovely Carla from Cienna Rose. Cienna Rose is a new independent brand from the UK and their polishes are enriched with Pro vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass oil to nourish your nails. They are also 6 free (which means they are free from 6 of the harmful chemicals commonly used in nail polish) which is great.

Now onto the swatches

Pumpkin pie

The first polish I tried was this gorgeous orange with a subtle pink shimmer. It applies very smoothly and requires 2 coats to be opaque. Pictured is 2 coats plus a topcoat. This was fairly easy to remove and didn’t stain my nails at all.

Pump up the volume

The next polish is this gorgeous mint green packed with glitter. When I first saw this colour I instantly thought of the sea. It is such a unique polish. Because of the glitter it does dry slightly textured so if you like a very smooth finish I would recommend adding a topcoat as I did in this picture. Again this only required 2 coats.


 Miss behave

Next up is this stunning blue which is slightly more teal in real life. Again this had a great formula. As with the others this was 2 coats and a top coat.


This is a gorgeous bright shade of red. I really enjoy wearing red polish so obviously I love this one. This is the perfect shade for Christmas time. This one was 2 coats too.

Blue me away

Last but not least is this is a gorgeous mermaid-y polish which shifts from blue to green. Again the formula of this was amazing and I’m in love with this colour ! 2 coats again.

So those are all the swatches I have for you today. You can really tell the quality of these polishes and all the formulas were amazing and smooth to work with. I would also like to mention how much I love the bottle shapes, they will look amazing on my shelves.

You can buy these polishes from; https://www.ciennarose.com/

Also make sure to check out Cienna rose on Instagram and Facebook

Thank you for reading

Zoe x


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