Project polish 2018 intro

Hello and welcome to my blog,

This year I have decided to attempt a project polish. If you don’t know what project polish is it basically picking polishes that you want to try and use up in the year. The main reason I’ve chosen to use up these polishes is that I have very similar polishes to these and therefore don’t need them in my collection. It is also a way of decluttering my collection to make room for new ones.

I have been a bit ambitious for my first ever project polish but I thought I would have a variety of colours to encourage myself to use them more. I have chosen 10 polishes and below I will put a picture of the polishes followed by a picture with the lines that show the level of the polish in the bottle.

So from left to right the polishes I have included are:

Princess nail lacquer- “Destiny”, Rimmel- “Loosey Goosey dancing”, Rimmel- “One last tango”, Maybelline- “Sea sky”, Sally Hansen- “Commander in chic”, Tanya Burr “Mischief managed”, Barry M “Cancun”, Nails Inc. “Notting hill gate”, OPI “Never have too mani friends” and  OPI “5 apples tall”

I will see how it goes and maybe do a 6 month update if I have made a lot of progress on using these up if not I will try and do an update at the end of the year.

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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