Sparklea Fantastic beasts duo

Today I’m writing a post on a duo I bought a couple of months ago from Sparklea nail polish which is a UK indie brand based in London and run by Lea. This duo is based off the film “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” . These polishes are both beautiful linear holographics.

“We call them muggles”

The first polish in this duo is a gorgeous dark blue linear holographic. This took 2 coats to be fully opaque and it dried very fast.  The first 2 pictures show the polish with a flash and the last shows it in natural light.

Witches live among us” 

The other polish in this duo is a gorgeous burgundy. It had the same formula as the first polish and also applied in 2 coats and dried fast. Again the first 2 pictures are taken with flash and the last one is I natural light.

I love this duo they look stunning and apply really nicely. Its so hard to pick a favourite but I think it might be “muggles live among us”. I’m not sure if these will be available again as they are sold out and I think they may have been limited addition. However you can find lots of other gorgeous polishes on Lea’s Website:  when she reopens on the 29th of September

Thank you for reading

Zoe x

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