Confessions of a nail polish addict Tag

Today I’m going to be doing the confessions of a nail polish addict tag. I’ve seen this tag going round on youtube and as I’m definitely a nail polish addict I though I would give it a go. There are 12 nail related questions in this tag so I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe even give it a go yourself if you haven’t already.

1.What colour are you wearing right now?

I’m currently wearing “Deep sea diving” by Princess nail lacquer which is a gorgeous blue holo.

2.What is your favourite nail brand?

This is really difficult as I love so many different brands but my favourite would have to be either Models own or Princess nail lacquer

3.What nail shape do you wear?

I wear my nails in an almond shape as you can see below. This is the nail shape I think suits me the most but it is also my favourite nail shape.

4.What’s your go to red, pink and neutral nail polish?

My go to red is probably “5 apples tall” by OPI as it is a gorgeous bright red which has a great formula too. My go to pink is from OPI too, its called “let’s be friends” and its a very pale pink. I don’t really have a go to neutral as I don’t wear neutrals very often.

5.Short or long nails?

Definitely long nails on me.

6.What nail polish colours are on your nail wishlist?

I have a few on my wishlist but the main ones I want are “Sunkissed” by Barry m, a bright yellow and loads of indie polishes.

7.When do you paint your nails, morning, afternoon or evening?

I paint my nails at any time of day but I would say mainly afternoons.

8.What’s your top nail tip you swear by?

Don’t use your nails as tools and always wear base coat

9.What nail polish do you regret buying?

I don’t think I have any that I regret buying

10.Neon or pastel? Brights or darks?

I love both but I slightly prefer pastel even though I own more neons. Darks overs brights which I wouldn’t have said a few years ago as I used to hate darks.

11. What’s your favourite colour right now, you wear all the time?

Blue which is always my favourite and always my most worn colour.

12. What is one brand you want to try but haven’t yet?

I would love to try a lot more UK indie brands.


Thank you for reading this post and I tag anyone that wants to give it a go.

Zoe x

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